Nurturing Workplace Well-being with Cisco Meraki

Understanding Culture, Scaling with Success

When providing an office pantry service, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and excellent customer service are fundamental. However, the true key lies in comprehending and adapting to each client's unique work culture. Our collaboration with Cisco Meraki, a leading supplier of cloud-managed IT solutions, serves as a testament to this ethos.

The Beginning: Tailoring to Tech Culture

  • In 2014, Cisco Meraki sought a London office pantry supplier capable of offering a one-stop service and scaling with their UK operation.
  • Our role extended beyond the basics, encompassing a deep understanding of their fast-paced tech office needs and a corporate emphasis on fresh and healthy foods.

Initial Offering at Hatton Garden

  • Our pantry service commenced at their Hatton Garden office, serving 50 workstations across two floors.
  • We provided an array of healthy snacks, soft drinks, and fresh food options for team-created breakfasts and lunches.

Rapid Scaling and Office Expansion

  • As Cisco Meraki swiftly expanded, our service scaled alongside, accommodating the acquisition of a third floor at Hatton Garden.
  • Collaboration extended to the design of a new office in Finsbury Square, involving advice on kitchen design, equipment procurement, and expansion to four micro-kitchens.

Continuous Adaptation and Growth

  • The move to the Finsbury Square office in August 2015 coincided with Cisco Meraki's team growth to over 200.
  • By 2017, additional office space at Bishopgate, City of London, required us to procure and install new equipment for an efficient pantry setup, which opened in January 2018.

Proven Success: A Partnership that Thrives

  • Our investment in understanding Cisco Meraki's unique culture laid the foundation for a successful collaboration.
  • Today, MK To Go stands as a trusted office pantry service provider for global brands, having served clients across various countries.

MK To Go provide superior office pantry services for a wide range of businesses. Our services are trusted by some of the famous brands in the world, and we have served clients in England Scotland, Republic of Ireland, France, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, UAE and Singapore. To find out what we can do for your workplace and team, please get in touch.