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How It Works

Four steps to a perfect workplace pantry solution

1. Understanding your needs

The perfect pantry starts with us learning about your workplace, culture and teams.

2. You choose & order

Choose your stock, with advice if needed, and order through our online portal. Our product cost is fully inclusive of our service.

3. Convenient, reliable delivery

Our friendly team deliver your order wherever & whenever it's required.

4. Ongoing support, evolving service

Enjoy our premier customer support and an ever-evolving service and product range.

The office pantry service which really delivers

With decades of experience, MK To Go understands what makes a great pantry service. We’re committed to delivering:

  • Modern, healthy and sustainable workplace pantries
  • A convenient one-stop shop for all your workplace pantry requirements
  • Bespoke, white glove services focused on your company’s needs
  • Adaptable solutions that work for 10 employees or 1000-plus
  • Services that scale up as you grow, from start-up to world-beater
  • An easier life easier and reduced costs, through consolidating your suppliers.

What We Provide

You'll like what we bring to the table.



Fresh Foods


Milk, Dairy and Alternatives

Cleaning and Disposables

Why provide an office pantry?

Let's start with three great reasons.

More and more employers now provide an office pantry, recognising its positive impact on their workers and their bottom line. Our premier office pantry service brings your company three great benefits:

  • Your team get a highly valued perk — at a low cost to you.
  • Fueled and energised workers, for proven benefits in productivity.
  • A positive corporate message, providing healthy snacks that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

We provide snacks for...

Working from home?

Snacks To Go delivers a fantastic and diverse range of healthy, exciting snacks direct to your workplace or home.