Growing together: our 16-year journey with a special client

  • Early Foundations (2005-2011): Embarking on a journey in 2005, To Go Group's initial foray into office pantry solutions found its muse in Charles. This marked the genesis of a decade-spanning relationship, characterized by innovation and commitment.
  • Riverbed Voyage (2011-2015): Over six pivotal years with Riverbed, our collaboration transcended the ordinary. Beyond supporting relocations and expansions, milestones like establishing a vendor in Paris and a Facebook recommendation underscored our adaptive approach.
  • Cloudera Transition (2015-2017): Guiding Charles through Cloudera's transition, our role expanded with the setup of the Cloudera London office. Introducing amenities such as coffee machines and snack racks showcased our ability to integrate seamlessly into diverse office cultures.
  • Budapest Venture (2017-2018): The global journey continued with the Budapest office, featuring a partnership with Bite Bakery CafĂ©. Orchestrating a startup pantry for 400 individuals highlighted our global reach and adept management of diverse partnerships.
  • Merging Horizons (2018 Onwards): Shifting corporate landscapes mirrored our evolving role. As Cloudera merged with Hortonworks, relocation to the Hortonworks office in the City of London ensued. Once again entrusted with setting up pantry services, our adaptability shone through.
  • The Continuing Journey: Charles remains the epitome of enduring partnerships, a testament to the profound connections nurtured over the years, fostering mutual success.
  • MK To Go's Global Impact (Present): Today, To Go Group stands tall, a beacon providing superior office pantry services across continents. Trusted by renowned global brands, our services span England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, France, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, UAE, and Singapore.
  • Explore Possibilities: The Charles Chronicles signify our commitment to understanding clients deeply. Elevate your workplace; explore what MK To Go can bring to your team.

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