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Your employees all have different abilities, different personalities… and different favourite snacks. That’s why our huge range covers all the bases, satisfying everyone from chocolate worshippers to protein-powered athletes. What’s more, our commitment to new products means there’s always something new to try.


Keep your team hydrated, refreshed and productive with our range of beverages. As lifetime ethical coffee lovers, you can be sure that we have plenty of quality fair trade blends. But there’s also tons of fair-trade teas and a surfeit of soft drinks – including the carbonated classics. For your special events, we are also able to offer alcoholic drinks.

Fresh Foods

What could be better than delicious fresh food, delivered to your workplace? Our range includes everything from natural superfoods (such as blueberries, kale, or sliced peppers) to delectable treats (such as houmous and pesto). We work with trusted suppliers to ensure high-quality produce every time.

Office Larder

An office larder keeps your workplace stocked with all the essentials needed to get your team through the day. Of course, every workplace is different, so our advisers are on hand to help you choose products and quantities that best suit your organisation.

Milk, Dairy & Alternatives

Although many still love traditional dairy products, there’s also a growing appetite for non-dairy alternatives. To cater to everyone in your team, we offer dairy favourites such as milk (with organic options), yoghurt and cheese, as well as popular dairy alternatives, including soya, almond and oat milks.

Cleaning and Disposables

To protect their employees, it’s essential that workplaces maintain scrupulous standards of hygiene. Stay safe with our selection of trusted sanitisers, cleaning and personal hygiene products. We recognise the impact of disposables and wherever possible offer compostable or biodegradable options.

Aqua Libra

Aqua Libra is a compact drink delivery system that provides filtered water – with or without added flavour – at the touch of a screen. The unit sits under a kitchen work surface, delivering drinks through a smart dispenser. Four flavour infusions created by Britvic are on tap, with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. This clever system helps keep staff hydrated, while reducing plastic waste.