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Benefits of our service

Working with MK To Go offers your business three real benefits

 Our quality snack programme — the low-cost perk with a huge reward.

There’s no doubt that great perks help employers recruit and retain amazing people.

Providing an MK To Go snack programme is a cost-effective benefit that your team will love. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Our advisers can discuss with you how to offer perks that incentivise and enthuse your staff.

Food to keep your team productive

Our bodies weren’t designed for unpredictable workdays, with meetings that overrun or deadlines that mean stopping into the evening.

A ready supply of office snacks keeps your team energised, preventing your employees from crashing out when they most need their focus.

Need help? don’t worry, our team can advise you on the ideal stock for your team.

Healthy food sends the right message

When MK To Go’s healthy food options are provided to your team, it sends a positive message about your company and relationship with your workforce.

It’s also known that a healthy office environment leads to other beneficial lifestyle choices. It all contributes to a happier, healthier staff with reduced medical costs, absenteeism and presenteeism.

For more information, get in touch with our experienced advisers.

How our service works

We're committed to providing an industry-leading service that's personalised to your company's needs.

Step 1: We learn about your office.

One of the things that sets MK To Go apart is that we invest time to learn about your workplace and your culture. That way, we can fit our service to you, rather than vice-versa. Our initial discussion will find out:

  • What type of food/snacks are you looking for?
  • What type of beverage service do you require?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you require any equipment? (We have access to fridges, coffee machines and much more!)

Step 2: It’s your choice!

Once we understand what you want, we give you online access to our full product list, so you can create your perfect pantry programme. But if that sounds daunting, don’t worry. Our experienced staff are here to guide your choices.

When you’ve made your choices, ordering is straightforward. If you prefer, we will set you up with an online order portal that you can use to place your order. Alternatively, we can manage your pantry programme and do the ordering for you. Again, it’s your choice!

Step 3: We deliver.

Our delivery is all about flexibility. We can deliver your order daily, weekly, bi-weekly or on an as-needed basis. One of our friendly delivery team will bring your orders direct to your desired drop location in your workplace, including putting the refrigerated items in your fridge. You’ll never have to worry about receiving the order or waste time sorting the delivery out.

Of course, we will make sure there’s an order delivery note too — printed or via email, it’s your choice!

Step 4: Our ongoing service.

Getting the order delivered reliably isn’t the end of the story. MK To Go’s ongoing service lets you easily analyse your order through our bespoke reporting dashboard. We can provide analytical reporting, with drill down functionality. For example, you can see graphs and figures showing spend analysis, spend by location, top 10 & bottom 10 products, spend history and volume analysis — all in real time. We can also provide analysis on your compostable/disposable usage to keep an eye on your environmental impact.

We will keep in touch to ensure everything’s running smoothly, and be on hand if you want to scale or adapt your order.  And as a continually evolving provider, we will keep you in the loop about the latest updates to our product list and sevices.

What we provide

We offer a comprehensive pantry stock. If there's something you require that's not on the list, please get in touch.

Micro-kitchen consultation

MK To Go understands how important a well-designed kitchen and pantry service is for your company.

Our experts can advise you on all equipment required, then work with your design team to produce the ideal configuration for your needs. We can also help you with equipment procurement.

The MK To Go team has extensive experience of working on new pantry fit-out projects, both locally and overseas. By recommending the equipment that’s fit for purpose and future plans, we have helped companies that are scaling up to considerably reduce their costs.

Whether you need a single pantry or have multiple workplace locations, we have the experience and expertise to meet your needs!

Why MK To Go?


We deal with a huge range of clients, adapting our service to fit their budget, needs and employee profile.


We know how important it is to get any issues promptly resolved, so fast communication is a priority.


Yes, we supply cookies, but never cookie-cutter solutions! Your service is tailored specifically for you.


We’re not part of a huge national chain, and that means that every single customer is important to us.

Easy to use

Our web-based platform makes managing your product list quick and straightforward.


From our individual snacks to our installations, we’re always developing our office pantry service.


To find out more about our workplace food and drink solutions, please get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll be delighted to chat about your needs and how we could help.