Cutting Costs, Reducing Packaging, Boosting Staff Wellbeing

When it comes to office food and drinks, most of our clients want the same things: they want to provide a great working environment for their staff, increase their sustainability and reduce their costs.

It sounds like a tall order, but recently we’ve helped several of our high-profile clients achieve just that — thanks to a really clever innovation from Aqua Libra.

What’s an Aqua Libra Flavour Tap?

Aqua Libra's Flavour Tap is a compact drink delivery system that provides filtered water - with or without added flavour – at the touch of a screen. The unit sits under a kitchen work surface, quietly doing its thing and delivering drinks through a neat  dispenser. It’s all controlled through a super-easy touchscreen.

You might think it needs a huge footprint to achieve all this, but actually the unit is small enough to fit into a kitchen cupboard.

Here's the company's promotional video.

Helping our clients solve problems

This clever bit of kit is helping selected clients address several perennial problems:

  • How to keep staff hydrated - healthily. Our clients know the impact of good hydration on performance and wellbeing. But staff who don’t like tap water often have limited options - there’s only so much coffee you can chug down in a day! Aqua Libra not only offers their staff filtered sparkling or non-sparkling water, but also water with a range of delicious infusions.
  • How to reduce plastic waste. Bottled water and flavoured waters can solve the hydration issue, but plastic drink bottles have a significant environmental impact — at a time when our clients are trying hard to become more sustainable. One Aqua Libra unit provides up to 10,000 drinks, slashing their office kitchen’s carbon footprint and waste plastics.
  • How to reduce office pantry costs. Like every other business, our clients are looking for leaner, smarter solutions to office food-and-drink.

Flavours backed by Britvic

Of course, all of this cleverness isn’t much use if staff don’t like the flavours. We’ve found no worries on that score, as the infusions were developed by the mighty Britvic, probably the premier name in concentrates.

At the moment, Aqua Libra offer a choice of Mango; Raspberry and Peach; and Cucumber, Mint and Lime, with more on the way. All infusions are free from preservatives and added sugar.

Find out more

Every so often, a bit of kit comes along that ticks all the boxes. We’re delighted to see how Aqua Libra is doing that for a select group of our clients.

If you’d like to know more, chat to our team today.